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Samantha Lazar
7 min readJan 22, 2021

Author’s image: Photo of me, contemplating my life choices during most of 2020

Hi! My name is Samantha Rae Lazar. Thank you for taking the time to read my little auto-bio. I began writing on Medium in June 2019, and I am in love with this platform, even with all of its challenges and changes. It has become the writing community I have always craved.

I have been a writer since I could write and a humanities teacher (English/Language Arts, Social Studies/History) since 1998. I have lived the school schedule since I was in pre-school. I buy new planners/calendars in June. I currently teach 5th grade.

I live and work in a beautiful city in North Carolina with my husband, son, dog, and cat. I won’t post family photos here, but my fur babies want to be internet famous.

Author’s image: Simon (cat), Sunshine (dog)

Long story, in brief:

I was born in Madison, Wisconsin in November 1974. My mom is from Madison and my dad was from Chicago. We lived outside the city on some acres with a horse, dogs, and cats. I was brought up with my mom’s love for art and music, animals, and gardens, and her love for me and my younger sister. I believe (and have been told by knowers of these things) that my mom, sister, and I have traveled together through many lifetimes.

I am a descendant of people who escaped the pogrom of Russia/Latvia/Eastern Europe. My mom’s dad was the firstborn in the United States. His parents escaped with their other children by hiding under hay in a wagon. I will write out this and other family stories someday.

Author’s image: drooling since 1974

I’ve been told I talked before I walked.

I’ve always loved words, music, and art. As a kid, I wrote stories and poetry, sang and acted in plays. I loved performing and competing on swim team. I loved school.

I was almost two when my sister was born. Although we have not always gotten along, she’s my best friend.

Samantha Lazar

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