Can A Hot Mess Really Clean Up?

The Magic that Happened when I committed to “Tidying Up”

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Attachment to the Past

Only once in a while do I miss something I used to own — usually an article of clothing, but then I remember why it had to go.

I still miss the car I had in college — the Toyota Corolla All-Track Wagon.

Never heard of it?
It was a great car for two years. I rolled it all over the Appalachian Mountains and to many concerts where the hatchback was a perfect tail-gaiting homestead. Most likely this car was pulled from the road after a purple cloud puffed from the hood, and I failed the state inspection.

Fear for the Future

It is a “First World Problem” that living with abundance can really cause people to hoard. What if all the stores close? What is a true emergency where I might not have enough?

The goal is NOT perfection. It is about intention.

Lately I have been decluttering my writing. I am finding millions of combinations of words — rewriting, revising, repurposing, and sharing here on Medium and elsewhere. I might need all these journals for the future. Perhaps someday I will let them go.

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Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash

What is magically happening now?

Because I have focused a lot of energy into finding a place for everything, and letting go of what I no longer need, I am experiencing a clearing that I have craved for a long time.

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