Checking in on December Goals

Keep Yourself Accountable- Week 1

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I have learned that setting goals is one thing. Sticking to them, being accountable is another.

It is important for me to keep track of my progress!

As the end of week one approaches, I am taking stock of the efforts I have made towards my writing and publishing on Medium.

Number one: Post a 2–5 minute story every day. In particular, I am trying to post more non-fiction. Check!

Number two: Submit writing to publications every day. I did that. Bonus: I decided to create a new publication to house some of my poetry and fiction. You can follow it here: Sky Collection. And a creepy story now lives in this notebook.

Number three: Keep an editorial calendar and track progress. Check! I am itching to get my 2020 calendar up and running, but that is another story for another time. I bet I am not the only one here that obsesses over every journal, notebook, pen, pencil, and calendar.

Number four: Read. I have read so much this week. Every time I read someone’s work, my brain is filled with responses, ideas, opinions, tangents, inspirations! What a buffet this platform is!

This week, my biggest lesson is that consistent effort is key.

It really is. My goals are not results driven, but I have seen growth in my income and readership. My curation ratio is up. I have learned that connecting with other writers, makes this whole existence worth it. Having a tribe of writers is inspiring, encouraging, and helps me feel I am not alone.

Keep up the efforts, writers! If I can do it, you can too!

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Thank you for reading. My name is Samantha. I teach 5th graders everything from Language Arts to How to Be a Good Human. I also teach creative writing classes, workshops, and lessons. I still want to be a writer when I grow up.

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Poetry, fiction, and essays in celebration of being a Mom, Wife, Educator, Writer, & Lover of Life.

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