Don’t Tell Your Grandma: Stories and Poems

New Book Release!

Samantha Lazar
2 min readSep 8


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I am so excited to announce my newest book, Don’t Tell Your Grandma, is out in the world! I revised my short collection, Soon We’re All Gone to Seed, to include many more poems and short stories, many of them born here on Medium.

Content warning: This book contains images of trauma: sexual harassment, domestic violence, drugs, suicide (and some healing and hope). Here is the synopsis printed on the back of the book:

In this collection of poetry and prose, Samantha Rae Lazar weaves a story of relationships, sexualization, and trauma. Through tales of magical realism, dark humor, emotional imagery, and social commentary, Lazar shows healing by way of digging deep into memories, dreams, and one’s own power.

Don’t Tell Your Grandma is available in paperback and on Kindle from many online booksellers, such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Because an indie-author company produces it, it does not yet have a commercial publisher. I will need to do a lot of work to promote it and get it in some local bookstores. But the book is registered at an international book fair this fall! So I hope it will get some exposure.

As a collection of deeply personal pieces, I am feeling both elated and vulnerable. Mostly, I am thrilled to see a vision for a project completed! It is a great feeling!

Thank you for reading. If you’d like, send wishes that my project has a good life!



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