Go Ahead and Feel Vulnerable

It Takes Bravery to Share Your Writing

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This quote is resonating with me this morning:

Anything we do out in the world requires bravery. It requires the willingness to show up. You will be seen and you will be judged and prejudged. Vulnerability in public can cause the fearless and most extroverted among us to run screaming.

But it’s easy to be an avatar, a stranger sitting in her breakfast nook, typing away the morning, baring blood and breasts and the haunting past, right?

Nope. Even typing about vulnerability makes my stomach squirm.

Most of you do not know me, but online, I am revealing inches of myself previously unseen. Even by me.

This permanent mark on the World Wide Web can be scary. What I put out on Medium today will be judged and prejudged. And worse: it may not be seen.

To be a writer then, is to be in constant state of vulnerability. Which means courage.

To be a writer, you are in a constant state of courage.

It is enough to show up and do the work. It is enough to be seen or not be seen. It is totally ok to be judged and also prejudged. Everyone else is. Show your bravery. We are all learning as we go.

Thank you for reading. My name is Samantha. I teach 5th graders everything from Language Arts to How to Be a Good Human. I also teach creative writing classes, workshops, and lessons. I still want to be a writer when I grow up.

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