I May Never Write Again

Unless I Stick to a Schedule

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Create an editorial calendar and list 10 writing ideas every single day.

The title of this piece is a lie. It is a lie I tell myself so that I will get organized. I will write regardless. If there is a napkin or post-it note and a pen, or the notes app on my phone, or really the air in front of me, I will write.

I am learning the art of keeping an editorial journal for my writing. I do not have anyone to be my personal assistant, I need to get down to business.

One of my December goals is to consistently use and keep up with an editorial calendar. Since I love lists, art, and handwriting, using my calendar in the “bullet journal” style works for me.

Even though Medium keeps stats for us, I have my own tracker that I like to keep. It helps me visualize my goals and progress.

The basic layout for my editorial calendar:

  1. Monthly, I create and write down 3–4 goals that are intention driven. I find that results happen when I focus on the work, rather than the outcome. The outcomes are the mile markers on the way to my bigger goals and dreams.
  2. I make columns to track my work for each goal, for every day of the month.
  3. I also make columns to track the number of my readers. Thank you, readers.
  4. I keep my idea lists either in my journal, or I just type them into a new story on Medium. The drafts are listed for me, so I can come back to that writing project at any time. The goal is to list 10 ideas a day.
  5. On the next page, I list the titles of my published stories for the month. Each story has columns for tracking cross-posting to Twitter and my WordPress blog and sharing the story with my Medium support groups. It also has space for which publication, and curation and topics, if that should come to pass.
  6. If I am working on a writing project for a prompt, a submission call, or a writing contest, I list due dates and track my progress so I can be sure to participate!

Hold yourself accountable for the work, and the rest will follow.

That’s my plan for December’s editorial calendar. January’s might look completely different!

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Thank you for reading. My name is Samantha. I teach 5th graders everything from Language Arts to How to Be a Good Human. I also teach creative writing classes, workshops, and lessons. I still want to be a writer when I grow up.

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Poetry, fiction, and essays in celebration of being a Mom, Wife, Educator, Writer, & Lover of Life.

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