Is That My Sin?

Today’s morning journal

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Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash

Why is education the enemy? Why is change so scary? Is it possible you can have it all and let other people too?

It doesn’t matter if your game is almost won, let’s start over. Give everyone the same starting line.

I just cannot believe that fear of suffering after death is the big deal. Where is the chance to evolve that belief? Should I be scared? I have already been warned I’m going to hell. Along with the eggs that could become a child, but that I would never baptize, but that’s a story for another time.

I am not Christian. Is that my sin?

Is the belief in that fiction so strong that people are actually worried about the redemption of my soul? (Get a fucking life). Maybe it isn’t fiction (no one knows for sure), but I know dead is dead. The consciousness of my life now will be dust. The dead Samantha won’t know she’s in hell.

That line above — makes me laugh.

Is that easier to worry about than real suffering here and now on earth? OK then, pray for me. Meanwhile, I am going to go to work and teach kids to think. Maybe I will fold my laundry. I will smile at my neighbors, even the ones who may have voted for Trump.

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