Is This Unoriginal, Or Is It Just A Shared Experience?

Thoughts on worrying if content is new enough to share

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I imagine as I type this story, dozens of well-established writers have already written the same thing.

The thing is, we all have shared experiences. The trick is to get at what makes your experience, your unique experience.

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Some ways to make shared experiences original:

  1. Write a poem. Playing with language certainly gives your writing and your topic a new twist.
  2. Do some research. Read about your topic and see how other authors write about it. Do you agree or disagree with other authors? If your experience was different, write about it.
  3. Try writing about your topic from a new perspective. Has your thinking changed about the topic now that you are older?
  4. Try to write as if you are really in the moment. Try to capture the details so that you pull the readers in to your experience.

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