I’ve Published Two Books

Here’s how to read them

Samantha Lazar
2 min readMar 10, 2023


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My first poetry collection, Reaching Marrakesh, came out in 2020. What better way to describe it than this blurb written by my dear friend and fabulous writer, Christina M. Ward:

Praise for Reaching Marrakesh: “We all have those defining moments in our childhood that introduce to us confusion, pain, and self-defining messages that haunt us into our adulthood. In Samantha Lazar’s debut poetry collection Reaching Marrakesh, Samantha takes her readers on a poetic pilgrimage with slice-of-life poetry that delves into those childhood messages and picks them apart for understanding. Her intensely personal voice and impactful nature imagery weave together a tapestry of understanding, wrapping the reader in the comfort and exhilaration of self-discovery, inner strength, and triumph through mental fortitude. She empowers both herself and the readers’ experience with an inspirational poetic tale of a soul taking flight. An impressive poetic debut, Reaching Marrakesh is an unforgettable collection of poetic enlightenment.”
— Christina M. Ward, poet and author of organic: Fiddleheads & Floss vol. 1

You can find this book here:

Soon We’re All Gone to Seed is a compilation of scary, strange, and dark visions turned into short fiction and poetry. If you like magical realism, ghost stories, twisted dreams, and a little bit of hope, this book is for you.

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