Don’t Give Up My Beautiful Poets!

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If your main Medium genre of writing is poetry like me, then you are not looking to build a college fund for your kiddos, right? It can be disheartening to look at my stats and see $.01 earnings for a poem that ripped my heart out to write (and share), but I figure as long as I earn more than my monthly membership fee, then I am doing alright on this platform.

As it is the last day of November, I guess we have a new baseline for our earnings under the new Medium algorithms.

But it is not about the pennies. When I joined Medium last summer, I never thought I would gain an audience. Now it seems like I have regular readers and new readers daily! (Thank you for reading!)

And who knows? It may even someday provide some savings for my family!

As Stephen Moore said, “You just have to stick at it, even when it feels like you’re going backwards.”

We are such a diverse group of writers, and that is what I love about Medium. It is truly an inspiring platform. There is never a shortage of great words to read. I discover new poets and fiction and non-fiction authors every day.

Last summer, I took a class and joined a group of writers. Thank you Tom Kuegler, Stephen Moore, Itxy Lopez, Oren Cohen, Fab Giovanetti, Cynthia Marinakos, Lynne Nardizzi, Nina Washington to name a few of the people who have helped get me started and who have been cheerleaders and coaches along the way.

Thank you for reading. Here are some poems that ripped my heart out to write and share.

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Poetry, fiction, and essays in celebration of being a Mom, Wife, Educator, Writer, & Lover of Life.

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