Someday Poetry Pays for Grad School

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Because of the CARE Act, my new student loan is on hold. But soon, those monthly payments will come due, and yes I knew what I was getting into. My teaching salary is decent, but it will not cover all of my bills.

So, Medium is one way I diversify my income. And mostly, if you know me as a writer, I write poetry.

Poetry just does not pay the bills, but poetry has my heart. Poetry is my way. I believe poetry has the possibility of opening minds and healing wounds.

Who among us knows the formula to success here on this platform? How do we gather the readers, the true readers who look for our writing daily? How can we connect to an audience and compete for really short attention spans?

I am building slowly. It took a year to get to 1500 followers here on Medium. I count that pretty lucky. I am actively writing and reading daily. I am a believer in our voices. We need our voices. The world needs us to keep inspiring and talking and translating the world right now. It has been the writers who have kept the flame through time.

What percent of my followers actually read my words? Who looks for my poems on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? Which people will help my ideas spread? Marketing and branding are not my thing. I just want to do my art.

But I want to get paid for my efforts and practice. Math is not my strongest skill, but I like it. I will have to write an insane amount of articles in order to pay off the student loan. How many poems would I need to write that could make $1 in order to pay off my master’s degree? This is the goal. It is a long road.

SRL 8.2.20

Poetry, fiction, and essays in celebration of being a Mom, Wife, Educator, Writer, & Lover of Life.

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