Poetry for Thankfulness Assembly, November 2019

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Thank you for community,
For mindful leadership
For handshake lessons, birthday bears
And the GFGA trip

Thank you for lip synching
Choreography in the halls
Thank you for your colorful art
Adorning all the walls

Thank you for PA lunches
And for estimation jar suspense
Thank you for a room full of stuffed
Animals for when we feel tense

Thank you for the train,
Its blast reminds me that I’m here
Thank you to the parents
Who choose TDS each year

Thanks for laughter through foosball
And ping pong in the morning
Walking through the middle school party
Every day keeps my heart soaring

Thank you for sharing talents
Music, sports, and dance
Thank you for being uniquely you
And giving all classmates a chance

Thank you for great colleagues
And thoughtful education
Thank you for diversity
And inspiring conversation

Thank you for your teamwork
Your laughter and your vision
People out there need to know
How TDS lives its mission

Thank you students for being my teachers,
And challenging me each day
Thank you for listening
and sharing all you have to say

Thank you for being kids,
Thank you for your singing voices
Thank you for trusting me
to make my teaching choices

Thank you 5th graders
for being my experiment
with Your creativity and energy,
I know my time’s well spent

Thank you for bringing me back to TDS
A place to learn and grow
Thank you for being the
new people that I get to know

I’m grateful just to be here-
It is a joy to come to teach
Where everyone is valued
and where dreams are within reach

© Samantha Lazar 2019

Written by

Poetry, fiction, and essays in celebration of being a Mom, Wife, Educator, Writer, & Lover of Life.

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