Will Spring Reawaken My Writing?

A journal to maybe bring me back

Samantha Lazar
2 min readMar 20, 2022


Photo by the author

It’s the equinox. That makes me happy. Welcome spring!

I have not had the urge to publish here in a long time. Every time I think I will write something for Medium, I do something else with my hands. I have almost finished knitting a large cozy blanket. I have gotten more adept at reading tarot cards, playing dumb video games on my phone, binge-watching shows, surviving year 23 in the classroom, meditating and practicing yoga most mornings, and watching and reading about the horrors in Ukraine.

This winter, I went on a yoga retreat in the mountains. I learned how to use indigo dye. I slept a lot.

Honestly, this school year has been truly exhausting. Teaching in a mask for two years has aged me seven. I bought a wireless microphone to save my voice. It is really hard to read out loud to my students multiple times a day. Tomorrow, we go to mask-optional indoors. I am opting out. I look forward to freeing my face. I am going to enjoy it, even though it seems fleeting. I am pretty sure some variant will come and close our doors again, but until then, I am going to enjoy people.

Friday afternoon, we had a school event outside. I got chills when I looked around and saw everyone in our school community together in one place. It has been a long time. Yesterday, we celebrated Nowruz at school with live music and festive foods. There was a great turnout and I practiced being out in public again. I watched my former student and her mom do a traditional Persian dance, and my hands smelled of Tumeric on the drive home.

This morning, I helped do some spring cleaning at my son’s community theater. I would way rather be a stage-mom than a hockey-mom, but that’s just me. Slowly, I am emerging.

That’s what I have been up to.

Again, I have bookmarked the stories by authors I follow and all of the prompts you’ve tagged me in. I want to catch up with it all and be inspired on this platform, but I am just not there yet.

Thank you for your patience. What have you been up to?

— Sam